What Is Lane Departure Warning?

November 15th, 2018 by

Lane Departure Warning on Honda vehicle

One of the most helpful Honda safety features is the Lane Departure Warning (LDW), which helps Madison drivers avoid drifting out of their lane and potentially into another vehicle. The feature is part of the Honda Sensing suite of safety features that comes standard with most new Honda vehicles. Learn more about how LDW works and the benefits of having this feature.

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How Does LDW Work?

LDW uses cameras near the rearview mirror to detect lane marketings. When the vehicle moves over the lane market, an indicator will flash and there will be a beeping alert to tell you to move back into your own lane. In some situations, the steering and seat may also vibrate to make sure you’re aware that you’ve drifted, so you can move back into your lane safely and avoid an incident, such as:

  • A vehicle sticking out too far in an adjoining lane
  • Sideswiping
  • A rollover
  • And more

In many Honda vehicles, this systems automatically starts when you turn on your vehicle. In other vehicles, you might need to push a button to activate LDW. This system does temporarily shut off when you use your turn signal.

Lane Departure Warning Options

Not only does this keep you safe on the streets of Ridgeland and Clinton, but it also help on the highway. You can modify the alert with customized feedback, warning types, and more, including:

  • Visual alerts with a flashing lane marking symbol
  • Haptic feedback warnings like seat and wheel vibrations
  • Highway’s edge recognition
  • Adjustable audible warning levels
  • The ability to disable the system

Test the Lane Departure Warning at Bob Boyte Honda

To fully understand how the Honda Lane Departure Warning works, you can take a test drive around Brandon and experience this feature for yourself. You can also compare Honda Sensing® vs. Subaru EyeSight to learn more about what sets Honda apart or what happens if you don’t change your oilContact us with any questions about this Honda Sensing safety feature or other features of our Honda lineup.