Should You Buy New or Used?

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Should You Buy a New Car or Used Car?
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Whether your vehicle is running down or you’re just looking for something new, you’ve got some decisions to make. The first big decision is–should you buy a new Honda or a used vehicle? Here at Bob Boyte Honda, your Brandon, MS Honda dealership, we’re happy to help you make that decision. Whether you pick a used vehicle or an all-new one, we’ll find you the best pricing, financing, and maintenance deal for the vehicle of your choice.

Why Choose a New Car at Bob Boyte Honda?

When it comes to picking your next vehicle, it’s hard to go wrong with an all-new Honda model. With each model year, Honda vehicles feature new innovations and impressively swift and efficient powertrain combinations. If you’re looking for greater fuel economy and the newest features, a new Honda vehicle is the right choice.

New or Used

Purchasing, Financing, or Leasing a New Vehicle

If you decide on a new vehicle, you’ll need to decide whether to purchase, finance, or lease. Purchasing or financing your new Honda is a long term commitment but it comes with benefits. Financing a new Honda is a great way to pay less money up front, enjoy a sense of ownership, and build your credit! At Bob Boyte Honda, we know you’re much more than your credit score but it couldn’t hurt to start building positive credit while enjoying the benefits of driving a Honda model. Purchasing a Honda right out requires a lot more cash at the ready but you won’t have to worry about continuing payments. Or, if you’re looking to test the waters without making a huge commitment, you can lease your new vehicle. Leasing lets you enjoy a brand new Honda without having to worry about the value of your vehicle depreciating. Plus, lease payments at Bob Boyte Honda are a great value and easy to pay!

Why Choose a Used Vehicle at Bob Boyte Honda Where we Serve Brandon, MS

Choosing a used vehicle comes with a lot of benefits–you’ll get the green light for a used vehicle at Bob Boyte Honda! Honda vehicles are dependable and designed for longevity, meaning you won’t sacrifice quality when you choose a used vehicle. You can drive confidently knowing our used vehicles are thoroughly inspected and verified by our highly trained Honda technicians. For additional peace-of-mind, go with a Honda certified pre-owned vehicle. Honda certified pre-owned vehicles undergo additional inspections and certifications so you know that your vehicle will offer you problem free performance. In fact, we’re Mississippi’s #1 Honda Certified Pre-Owned Dealer! At Bob Boyte Honda, there’s a lot of upside to choosing a used or certified pre-owned vehicle!

Purchasing or Financing a Used Vehicle at Bob Boyte Honda

Whether you pay for a vehicle up front with a purchase or pay for your used vehicle with financing, we’ll get you the best value. Financing one of our used vehicles is a great way to keep payments low while building good credit. Plus, adding a maintenance plan to your certified pre-owned vehicle financing lets you focus on the road ahead and we’ll keep your vehicle maintained.

Get Even More Information on New and Used Vehicles at Bob Boyte Honda Serving Jackson and Meridian, Mississippi

Here at Bob Boyte Honda, we’re committed to providing our customers with the information they need to make the best decision on their next vehicle. We carry a full selection of new Honda models as well as certified pre-owned Honda vehicles and used vehicles of other makes. Plus, we’ve got you covered when your vehicle needs work–we offer savings on maintenance performed on our state-of-the-art service department as well as discounts on OEM Honda parts and accessories. If you’re ready for a quote or to schedule a test drive, give us a call at 601-591-5000 and come see us at 2188 Hwy 18, Brandon, MS 39042, where our service is worth the drive from Hattiesburg or Vicksburg, MS.