Prepare Your Honda for Summer Heat

June 17th, 2016 by

Get Your Honda Ready for the Summer Heat – Routine Maintenance That Will Keep You Cool

Summer Heat
As summer heats up, you may start preparing your home and yard for the intense temperatures, but what about your vehicle? Taking certain precautions before summer is in full swing can help you save on major repairs down the road. Long stop and go commutes every day or even just a trip to the store where you park your vehicle on the hot asphalt for a few hours can really take a toll on your Honda’s inner workings and appearance. Luckily, there’s a few easy and inexpensive, steps you can take in Brandon, Mississippi at Bob Boyte Honda to keep your Honda Civic manual transmission car, or other Honda model, in great shape this summer.

Your coolant system is one of the most important systems in your Honda during the summer as it keeps your engine cool. If you take your Honda in to a shop to get it checked over, it should only take them a few minutes to make sure every part is in good shape and, if anything is worn out or defective, we can switch the parts for new ones. You’ll also want to have them check the radiator pressure and hoses to make sure they are not damaged, check the water pump and thermostat, and make any necessary replacements. The whole process shouldn’t take long and it will save you a lot of cash in the long run. It’s always easier to replace parts before they break and you end up on the side of the road. Also, no matter what the mechanic finds, it’s always important to replace the coolant in your system. Over time, old coolant can cause buildup and erosion, ultimately damaging your system more than helping. Make sure you keep the fluid fresh so it can work at its highest potential. Finally, catch up on any routine maintenance that you may have been putting off. Get an oil change, check your brake pads and fluids, and check your transmission. If need be, replace parts now before the problem is worsened by the 95 degree temperatures and burning asphalt you drive on each day.

Make Sure Your Air Conditioning System is Working

Once you’ve double checked that your engine systems are working properly, it’s crucial to know that you’ll also stay comfortable throughout the summer. Checking your air conditioning system before the summer heat takes its toll will keep costs and in-vehicle temperatures low in the long run. Your AC system can be tricky to repair and maintain as it is made up of many essential working parts and the refrigerants in the system can actually be hazardous to the environment. So, your AC system is one of those things that is best taken care of by a professional since they can trap and recycle the hazardous materials in a safe manner for both you and the environment. They’ll check your compressor, evaporator, and thermostat and change anything that isn’t right.

Protect Your Interior from the Heat

Radiating summer sun is usually the major cause for interior damage to seats and vinyl dashes. Simply wiping down your surfaces from time to time with protectant wipes and making sure you get conditioner over all your leather surfaces can keep your interior in great shape. There’s also something to be said for a simple, cheap sunshade. A shade can keep the interior temperature of your vehicle down and go a long way in preventing cracks and other damage by blocking harmful UV rays.

Head in to Bob Boyte Honda to Get Your Honda Ready for Summer

When temperatures start rising, don’t wait to service your vehicle and protect it from the harsh summer heat. Taking these few, small steps can really go a long way in preventing more expensive repairs down the road. If you’re not sure where to take your Honda for these essential services, we would be happy to help you at the Bob Boyte Honda Service Center. We have trained Honda technicians and a professional environment that will get your vehicle in, out, and ready for summer before you know it.