GAP Insurance

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Here At Bob Boyte Honda In Brandon, MS, We Want You To Know The Importance Of GAP Insurance When You Upgrade Your Vehicle

When selecting your next vehicle, there are some important things to consider beyond the safety, value, and features of the vehicle. Chief among these considerations is GAP insurance. Automotive insurance typically covers the ‘fair market value’ of your vehicle but when you take advantage of the benefits that come with a new or slightly used vehicle, this may not always cover the entire loan in the unfortunate event that the car is totaled. Of course, we all hope this never happens but this is why Honda vehicles are some of the safest on the road. GAP insurance covers the difference between the fair market value that your normal insurance will cover and the remainder of the loan. In fact, if you decide to lease your next Honda, it is likely that the lease will require the vehicle be covered by GAP insurance.
GAP Insurance

The reason that we so strongly recommend GAP insurance here at Bob Boyte Honda is that we want the absolute best for our customers. In the event that your new vehicle is damaged beyond repair, you could be stuck with paying on a loan for a car you no longer drive. Though we don’t like thinking about things like car theft, it is important to be prepared if they do happen. Just like if your car is severely damaged, insurance will only value your ride at so much if your vehicle is stolen which again makes GAP insurance so important. Thieves tend to prefer new cars and often target the most popular models, like Honda. As frustrating as it is to have something taken from you, the last thing you want is to find yourself in a position where you are still paying for it.

Fortunately, GAP insurance is very reasonable and you typically won’t notice the few extra dollars on your monthly payment. GAP insurance is also something that you will only need temporarily, usually just for the first few years of driving your new vehicle. Of course, just as vehicles and dealerships differ wildly, so do GAP insurance policies. There is no shortage of those who would sell you less and charge you more. This is why we are proud to have one of the best finance teams in the business here at Bob Boyte Honda. Our finance professionals have years of experience getting our customers the absolute most for their money. Whether you are considering the low costs of leasing or the pride of ownership, our finance team will provide you with all of the information so you can select the right GAP coverage for your needs.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the different way we do business here at Bob Boyte Honda, then you’re in for a treat. We work exceptionally hard to raise the standards that our customers expect from their dealership experience. This dedication to you is the primary reason we have earned the distinguished Honda President’s Award every year since we opened our doors. Such prestigious honor places us among the handful of elite Honda dealerships in the nation. A trip to visit us is always well worth the drive from Jackson, MS so come over and see us at Bob Boyte Honda. Our huge selection of vehicles is certain to have the right one for your needs and we will make sure that you are prepared for anything with exceptional GAP coverage and anything else you might need.

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