5 Tips to Becoming a More Fuel-Efficient Driver

May 5th, 2018 by

2018 Honda Civic

Do you constantly feel like you’re filling up your tank? Getting gas can be frustrating, especially since it can add up fast. If you’d like to become a more fuel-efficient driver — as well as help out the environment in the process! — follow these five steps to reducing your carbon footprint from Bob Boyte Honda.

How to Get the Best Fuel Efficiency

We assume you’re already up on your oil changes. If you aren’t, know that fresh oil can help your engine run more efficiently in addition to these steps.

  • Accelerate Slowly: Speeding is already something you should avoid, but speeding up too quickly from a stop actually wastes your fuel and could potentially cause wear and tear. Be careful not to speed up too quickly (or too slowly) from a stop — the right pace may differ depending on your make or model.
  • Pay Attention: This is another easy one, since paying attention to the road can help you avoid accidents. However, planning maneuvers ahead of time can help you avoid accelerating too quickly or making abrupt stops as well.
  • Plan Errands: You probably do your fair share of errands in Clinton, so this is a simple tip to incorporate into your lifestyle. Plan out your day ahead of time to avoid making multiple stops or backtracking.
  • Lay Off the Brakes: When possible, try to coast to a stop instead of abruptly hitting the brakes. This will additionally help you avoid wear and tear over time.
  • Obey the Speed Limit: Most vehicles provide their best fuel efficiency under 50 mph, so remember this when you feel the need for speed!

Other Tips to Help You Save

In addition to our five tips, you can implement these suggestions into your life to help you save even more on fuel:

  • Use the AC: Using the AC at highway speeds can help reduce drag, which in turn improves your fuel economy more than not using the AC can save.
  • Watch Tire Pressure: In addition to being a safety factor, keeping your tires at the optimal pressure can impact fuel economy positively.
  • Limit Ethanol: It’s useful to stay away from ethanol because more ethanol is required to produce the same amount of energy as gas.

Improve Your Fuel Efficiency Today!

Have questions about how you can be a more effective driver in Clinton? Feel free to reach out to Bob Boyte Honda at your convenience. When you’re ready, visit us in Brandon to explore the fuel-efficient options in our current inventory — or start saving on one of our used models.

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