$2,500 Deal Package


  1. Complimentary Multipoint Inspection with every service visit:
    Included with every service visit, Bob Boyte Honda’s certified technicians will complete a 40 point inspection of your vehicle each time you visit our service department, to ensure that your Honda remains safe and reliable.
  2. Complimentary Exterior Car Wash & Vacuum with every service visit:
    You will receive a complimentary car wash that includes interior vacuuming with each visit to our service department
  3. Complimentary Battery Check and inspection with every service visit:
    With each service visit, one of our trained techs will inspect your battery to ensure that your battery is operating correctly within Honda’s guideline’s.
  4. Complimentary Nitrogen for the life of your tires:
    Nitrogen has been proven to help increase the life of your tires since it is a dry gas, not wet like Oxygen, which deteriorates the rubber. Nitrogen has also been proven to increase the life of your tires by as much as 50%.
  5. Courtesy Towing within 50 miles of the Dealership:
    Although your Honda is built with top quality and materials, should there ever need to have that vehicle towed into our Dealership for repairs, we will tow it free within 50 miles of the Dealership.
  6. Receive 15% off any service for as long as you own your vehicle:
    Bring your vehicle into our service department for regular maintenance items, and we’ll give you 15% off of our regular prices.
  7. Receive 15% off any parts for as long as you own your vehicle:
    Purchase any parts or accessories from our parts department for your vehicle, and receive 15% off of our regular prices.
  8. Receive an additional $750 on your trade when you trade your vehicle with us:
    Service your vehicle with Bob Boyte Honda following Honda’s recommended maintenance schedule, and we’ll give you an additional $750 when you trade that vehicle with us. *Applies to vehicle that were purchased new from Bob Boyte Honda.
  9. Complimentary Pit Stop vehicle break-in inspection for new vehicles:
    When you purchase a new vehicle from Bob Boyte Honda, we will perform complimentary service inspection to ensure that your Honda is performing as expected.
  10. Complimentary coffee, bottled water, and baked cookies while you wait:
    While visiting our dealership, you can enjoy fresh hot coffee throughout the day, as well as bottled water and fresh baked cookies.

The Bob Boyte Honda’s “$2,500 Deal Package” is included with every new car purchase.